The Wanish family is proud to produce 100% pure maple products near Colfax, Wisconsin.

Will Wanish started tapping trees and making maple syrup with his uncle, Jon, during 2018. He really enjoyed the process and decided to tap more trees during 2019.

After that season, as a budding entrepreneur, he decided to start his own business and Wanish Sugar Bush was born. His parents, Todd and Heather have always encouraged his diligent work ethic and are proud of what he has accomplished.

“When Will decides to do something, he decides to DO IT and puts all of his efforts towards his goals. What started out as a small hobby is now a full-fledged operation producing both maple syrup and maple sugar. We are excited for his future and look forward to many successful seasons producing 100% pure maple syrup and associated products.” – Todd & Heather Wanish

Today, Will has approximately 5,000 taps and purchases thousands of gallons of sap from other local producers. He has a 2 x 8 LP-fired evaporator within a 30 x 30 shed, a 6,000+ gallon sap holding tank, and is looking forward to expanding both his physical operation and product offerings.

“I’m excited to pursue my dream of business ownership and I’m looking forward to producing and offering the best locally-made 100% pure maple products.” – Will Wanish

If you are interested in 100% pure maple syrup and other products from rural northwestern Wisconsin, contact Wanish Sugar Bush. Our family-owned business looks forward to serving you!

Will Wanish levels main line in preparation for sap season.
Will and Grandpa Fuzz working on the roof for the maple syrup shed.