How much sap does it take to make a gallon of syrup?

On average, it takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

When is the syrup season?

Collecting sap—the first part of making maple syrup is strictly based on weather. The days need to be above freezing and the temperature at night needs to get below freezing. This allows the maple trees to drip sap during the day. In our area of northwestern Wisconsin, the typical season is from the end of February or beginning of March to the beginning of April.

Do you add anything to your syrup?

The only thing in our 100% pure maple syrup is sap from maple trees of northwestern Wisconsin.

Why do the colors differ from one bottle of syrup to another?

Sap collected from different areas has varying levels of sugar content and when boiled down, the syrup can change colors—some is lighter and some is darker. In addition—in a typical year—the syrup produced at the beginning of the season is lighter and syrup produced at the end of the season tends to be darker.

What are some other ways that I can use syrup?

We have had customers use our syrup as a shot of sweetness in coffee, in oatmeal, or as an addition to sweet potatoes. Others use it as a glaze on meat, added to yogurt, or as a sweetener on onions.